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TOPIC: Sit­ting on the Iron Throne: Kings, High Priests, and other Leader PCs

Sit­ting on the Iron Throne: Kings, High Priests, and other Leader PCs 4 years 1 month ago #3769

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Even Conan became a king. Elric started off as the ruler of the might­i­est empire in the world. And there are other count­less exam­ples in Sword and Sor­cery in which the pro­tag­o­nist reaches a posi­tion of lead­er­ship, if only for a while. I’m just won­der­ing: has any­one made up mechan­ics for this sort of stuff? I’m not talk­ing about a new col­umn in the Pri­or­i­ties table. I’m talk­ing about stuff that allows one to have as much fun as one has in sin­gle com­bat when:

a) com­mand­ing a bat­tle, and over the course of sev­eral ses­sions win­ning (or los­ing) a war.
b) found­ing a cult, recruit­ing acolytes and lead­ing them in vast rit­u­als to win the faith (or at least the sub­mis­sion) of the hap­less masses.
c) con­trol­ling a host of shady min­ions and black­mailed dupes, tweak­ing the strands of your crim­i­nal web.
d) etc.

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Sit­ting on the Iron Throne: Kings, High Priests, and other Leader PCs 4 years 1 month ago #3771

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For all of this stuff we actu­ally have in part quite detailed dme­chan­ics which lie in reserve for our next project and which I can’t cur­rently divulge, but I’ll gladly give you a pointer for items b to d: Cook up somet­ing anal­o­gous to Loot and maybe call it some­thing like clout.

Clout would allow you to achieve polit­i­cal results via a Check, or to do some things even with­out need­ing to resort to the dice. Want to replace the chief jus­tice? Check! If you’re suc­cess­ful nar­rat­ing how it was done is up to you and the ref. If you’re a crim­i­nal mas­ter­mind, maybe you used black­mail to get the cur­rent chief jus­tice to stand down. If you’re a cult leader maybe you used some arcane means to either remove him out­right (sor­cer­ous assas­si­na­tion) or have him stand down. If you’re the king fail­ure of the Check would tell you that you can remove your chief jus­tice — but doing so would cur­rently have dis­as­trous reper­cus­sions, which the ref­eree is going to tell you.

By nar­rat­ing things dif­fer­ently a sin­gle machanic can eas­ily sim­u­late very diverse types of influence.
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