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TOPIC: Weapons and damages

Weapons and dam­ages 6 years 5 months ago #3971

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Hi every­one.
Need some help under­stand­ing prop­erly some DRs

All blade weapons have blunt DRs. In wich case are they used? While at the same time a club has no blunt DR.

This has got me really con­fused.


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Weapons and dam­ages 6 years 5 months ago #3972

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All weapons have Blunt DRs because it is a fan­tasy myth (fan­tasy in the bad sense of crazy and idi­otic) that any hand-​held weapon is ever able to actu­ally cut through armour-​grade metal. Punch a tiny hole in it cer­tainly, make a tiny, half-​inch tear in it maybe, but actu­ally cut it no way. Any cut­ting weapon hit­ting metal armour will there­fore dam­age its wearer only via blunt trauma trans­mit­ted through the armour, with­out actu­ally pen­e­trat­ing the armour in any way that mat­ters. An axe blow to your hel­met will never ever cleave your skull, but it will give you a nasty con­cus­sion, pos­si­bly knock youcold out, maybe even break your neck. And that’s why the axe has a Blunt DR, to use in these cases. As does every other weapon.

The rules for this are on page 151, btw.

Weapons that very obvi­ously don’t have either Pierc­ing or Cleav­ing dam­age don’t state that the dam­age they cause is Blunt, because we think that rather obvi­ous. A club does very clearly nei­ther slice nor prick, it causes blunt trauma. That’s so obvi­ous that it doesn’t need to be spelled out.

What threw you off track is that you for­got that you can­not only whack some­body with a club, you can also jab with it. One’s a Swing, the other a Thrust. Both are very dif­fer­ent actions, using dif­fer­ent ATNs and hav­ing dif­fer­ent DRs, but both of them still Blunt. Of course, you wouldn’t nor­mally jab with a club, but there can be quite a few instances when jab­bing with it is the bet­ter choice, so we give you the stats for it.

All clear?
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